Spiel 2013

Demonstration of our new Boardgame and Roll-playing Game

Sheep Solitaire Card Game

"Shephy" is our first game for 1 player. Make your one sheep increase to 1,000. Sounds easy? Well, nature can be very cruel sometimes...

The game will be release on Novenber 4th in Japan. We are looking for distributers and shops in Europe for this game.
Shephy website

Japanese Pen and paper role-playing game Meikyuu Kingdom, the Cynical Pop Dungeon Fantasy is coming in English


A catastrophic event in the distant past known as the “DUNGEON HAZARD” has changed the entire world into an ever-shifting labyrinth full of bizarre inhabitants. Only a select few called Landmakers can create bastions of stability and safety called Kingdoms for people to dwell.

Welcome to the world of “Meikyuu Kingdom”, a cult tabletop RPG from Japan that features fast mechanics, humor and spectacular anime-themed art. Its simple, elegant rules cover combat, relationships, kingdom management, dungeon exploration, and beyond. Word to the wise: Expect the unexpected! Coming to you in English soon from Lanternworks Unlimited.
In Spiel 2013, you can play demo of "Meikyuu Kingdom" in English and German. We brought a highly trained "Meikyuu Kingdom" game master from Japan.
Demo play schedule are listed below. Visit our booth #1-D148 to sign-up!

Oct 25th, 2013 : morning / afternoom
Oct 26th, 2013 : morning / afternoom
Oct 26th, 2013 : morning / afternoom


We are introducing our other boardgames as well.
For any question about rules or our exhibition, visit our stand #1-D148 or e-mail to